Alan Crocetti · Earrings · Rings

Alan Crocetti Portrait

Brazilian designer Alan Crocetti is the creator of a stunning jewelry house based out of London, England. Crocetti’s designs are redefining the perception of accessorizing and making it more universal. Each piece is limited and designed to be impactful, through altering pre-conceived notions of what is seen as “traditional” jewelry.

During the beginning stages of the now extremely well-known jewelry house, they were discovered and showcased at the renowned Dover Street Market, launching the brand to the next level. This aided in bringing attention and notoriety to Crocetti’s amazing pieces. Crocetti’s early career was filled with bold and daring moves, reflective of his personality and expressed within his collections.

Alan Crocetti’s pieces feature precious and semi-precious stones, built by masters of gold and silver smithing.