Ana Khouri Jewelry · Earrings & Ear Cuffs

Ana Khouri, a native Brazilian, launched her brand in 2013. Her vision of fine jewelry expands and challenges the contemporary. Khouri ignores technical harsh modern designs.

Her philosophy starts from the focal connection jewelry has to human emotion. The brand offers gold or platinum adorned with gemstones. Everything is fair traded and ethically sourced.

It’s been said jewelry is basically the least encumbering form of adornment. These pieces including Ana Khouri earrings are breathtaking in their intricacy and striking. Their understated elegance underscore the lines of material riches found in the earth. Her work pays homage to an eternal quality that also has an ethereal element.

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Her work generally features a continuous line with no base. It’s about accentuating the purity of the materials used. The epitome of this work straddles the fine line between jewelry and sculpture.

Successful Detour

Khouri’s original training came as a painter and sculptor and morphed her into a jewelry designer. Her successful detour from that early promise began when she created sculptures and hung them off naked models.

She’s been credited among the first designers to embrace ear cuffs. Those were her early days and foretold what was to come. Her contemporary New York City-based jewelry line is well known for its organic and sculptural design.

Current Designs

Critics have pointed out that some of her current designs draw a parallel to contemporary art. It’s the natural progression of her training and vision. There are a lineage and flow. It can be found in her work that emphasizes the human form rather than drawing away from it.

Khouri has studied at fine institutions like Central Saint Martins in London and the Gemological Institute of America.