Cornelia Webb

Since launching in 2005, Stockholm-based jewellery brand Cornelia Webb has established itself on the international luxury market, creating seductive garments and accessories with a true Scandinavian tone.

As autodidact and former medical student, Cornelia quickly found the body to be her canvas of choice, sketching designs directly on her skin instead of on paper. Since designing her first chain dress in 2006 Cornelia has been driven by the thought of literally dressing the body in jewellery.

With her sculptural avant-garde garments and accessories Cornelia gained widespread popularity early on amongst stylists and international publications and as well as attention from stores such as L’Ecleireur, Lane Crawford and Joyce.

In response to our growing urban existence, Cornelia Webb emphasizes craftsmanship, timelessness and environmental consciousness in her work. Cornelia chooses to reinvent design rather than constantly produce new items. A product’s life cycle replaces its life span. Recycled metal and found nature findings are reused, so they can continue their cycle as re-imagined objects which bear the energy of both the present and the past. Tapping into the conservation trend, as Cornelia Webb’s jewellery is carving out a new definition of luxury, refined craft.

Today Cornelia splits her time between her studio in the heart of Södermalm in Stockholm and Bali.