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IZIPIZI READING GLASSES inhabit that wonderful intersection where style and comfort meet fashion elegance. Known for their comfort, spring hinges, and affordable yet beautiful selection of styles, Izipizi reading glasses is the biggest success story in the affordable eyewear industry.

As we age, it becomes harder to read without some help. The Izipizi reading glasses we offer here have magnifying lenses couched in fashionable frames.

Being one of the first to bring the brand to North America, we are happy to be the most competitively priced and easily accessible retailers of the brand.

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The Brand

The brand that has an esoteric and loyal following. They were formerly known as See Concept. Their fashion pedigree is indisputable as the brand was founded in Paris. The contribution they bring to fashionable reading glasses includes a marriage of convenience, design, and affordability.

Fashionable Design

Everything in the line is unisex. The choices are endless. The brand offers sunglass readers, screen readers, and regular day-to-day readers. From babies to juniors, to adults, IZIPIZI is truly that. Easy-peasy.