The brand Mike Joseph was created by Mike Saatji with his brother Joseph Saatji, accentuating and focusing on craftsmanship and a defining design aesthetic. Mike Saatji is the creative director behind the line, with 25 years of experience under his belt. He started designing at a young age with influence and support from his Armenian family who were also in the jewelry business. With his passion for jewelry ignited, he worked under many industry professionals and took apprenticeships across various cities.

Saatji developed an appreciation for the power of diamonds and colorful gems. Incorporating these stones into his work, he created a modern sophistication within his pieces. He takes a unique approach to jewelry design, creating unconventional and intricate compositions with the goal of becoming part of the wearers presentation for the everyday.

His talent for design won him first place award for “Gold Jewellery Below $20,000’ category at the Couture Design Awards competition in Las Vegas. This amazing achievement launched the brand to a different level of success, bringing the brand much attention and success. 

Avant-garde, unexpected and most certainly innovative - Mike Joseph prides itself on being the finishing touch to every woman’s look.