February Birthstone - Amethyst

February may be the shortest month of the year but the colours associated with it are memorable and long lasting. The birthstone for February is the beautiful Amethyst; known for its deep violet hue. 

The Amethyst is a part of the Quartz family. Although typically known to be a dark purple, Amethysts can also be as light as a pale lilac, making them versatile for a variety of different everyday looks. Whether it’s dark purple paired with gold or lilac paired with silver, the possibilities are truly endless with this gem. 

Ancient Greeks believed that the Amethyst helped the wearer thwart drunkenness and keep a clear head during times of stress. Let this knowledge keep you grounded as you don your purple hued pieces... 


If the Amethyst is your birthstone then chances are your zodiac sign is an Aquarius or Pisces. Both being air signs, lilac and deep violet perfectly compliment the sensibilities of this time of year. Known for their offbeat fashion sense, unusual hobbies, and eccentricities, an Aquarius needs pieces to compliment their unconventional style. If you’re searching for a piece of jewelry that will do exactly that, look no further. ARCHIVES carries a wide selection of pieces that feature Amethysts in all their glory: 

This asymmetrical bracelet designed by Fernando Jorge, titled ‘Petals Triple’ features a beautiful, pale Amethyst aside two smaller ones of varying shades. Let your quirky attributes shine through this unique and elegant piece. 

This subtle mono earring designed by Charlotte Chesnais, titled ‘Saturn Small’ incorporates small Amethysts dotted in alternation with pink Sapphires. If you’re looking for a more understated design that will still share your love of Amethysts, this piece will do the job. 

Whether you’re interested in light and elegant pieces, or heavy and eye catching ones, there is an Amethyst piece out there for you. 

This month, pay homage to your zodiac sign by incorporating shades of Amethyst into your looks, day or night. A clear mind and intelligence will surely follow. 

Author: Rachel Glassman

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