July Birthstone


Ruby Birthstone at ARCHIVESTORONTO

Representing love, health, and wisdom, Ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones. It is second to the diamond in terms of hardness and can even be rarer than diamonds depending on its quality.

Signifying courage, devotion, and integrity, this happy gemstone is said to be a good luck charm to the wearer. It encourages confidence and strength, alongside being outright beautiful.

Rubies can also help with health problems involving blood and infection. Promoting positive thinking and enhancing energy, the Ruby gemstone has a lot to offer and has been known to be the gemstone of kings for many years.

Lucky you, July babies! Your birthstone is one of the greatest.

Wearing your birthstone can provide you with luck, guidance, and inner strength. Find the most perfect ruby pieces in store and online… Or let’s create one together!

Contact us to create your dream ruby piece from start to finish.

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- Written by Eden Mitelman

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