June Birthstones

To all the June babies: Happy birthday!

June is one of the few months that has three very special stones attached to it. Varying in price, rarity, and look, anyone born in June will fall in love with at least one of their birthstones.


This is the only gemstone created by living creatures! By depositing layers of calcium carbonate around tiny irritants stuck in their shells. Only two types of mollusks can produce the rare lustrous pearls we all love.

Known for its healing properties in traditional Asian medicine, the pearl is said to provide a sense of calm and collectiveness while promotion truth and loyalty. It is a symbol of purity that can help enhance the wearer’s integrity.



Discovered in Russian emerald mines, the gemstone changes colour from blue-purple to purple-red depending on the lighting. It is a majestic looking gem, that requires the right chemical composition, making it one of the rarest gemstones on the planet!

It is said to strengthen intuition, promote creativity, and inspire others. It is something of a good luck charm to the wearer.



Resembling of the moons glow on moving water, the milky iridescent stone scatters light to create a variety of different colours. This stone is one for new beginnings. It aids in growth and provides strength. Soothing emotional instability and easing stress, the moonstone brings about good fortune in love and business, along with intuitive thinking.


Most birthstones will attract those who are born in that respective month. Which stone draws you in? Have you ever wondered why?

Chances are it is mother nature guiding you to the gemstones you may need most in your life.

- Written by Eden Mitelman

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