November Birthstones


Happy birthday November babies! Regardless of the gloomy weather, your birthstones are as bright as the sun!

Topaz and citrine are the birthstones for November. Often times these two gemstones are mistaken for one another because topaz was thought to be strictly yellow. If yellow isn’t your colour, don’t worry! Topaz comes in an assortment of colours, so you’ve options.

Both birthstones are readily available and affordable. Lucky you!



Pure topaz are actually colourless. Topaz gain their various shades due to impurities. Precious topaz come in brownish to yellowish tones, sometimes looking so much like a smoky quartz or citrine.

The imperial topaz is the most sought after, which is a bright orange with pink undertones. Many topaz go through different treatment to get a desired colour. For example, a blue topaz is hard to come across naturally and therefore most blue topaz are actually treated.

Topaz is a durable gemstone, so enjoy your birthstone every day!

Topaz heals, soothes, and recharges the meridians of the body, directing energy to where it is needed. It helps with forgiveness and truth. It also brings joy, good health, and abundance. It is a very loving stone that brings about good fortune to the wearer.



Citrine is a quartz stone that varies from a pale yellow colour to a honey shade.

Traces of iron cause the yellowish tones in the quartz. Since this is quite rare to happen naturally, most are heat-treated. Amethysts and Smoky Quartz are often times heat-treated to create Citrine.

Citrine is a happy gem! Can you tell? It provides joy and delight. It improves confidence and self-esteem. It is also said to stimulate the brain and strengthen intellect. When worn, it promotes motivation and creativity.

Citrine is known to be a good fortune gem, which assists in acquiring wealth and success.

Good things are coming your way, November babies! It’s your month!


- Styled and Written by Eden Mitelman

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