Summer Trends 2020

At Archives we appreciate a comfy pair of sweatpants as much as the next person, however we are highly anticipating the upcoming months and coordinating summer outfits. We have been daydreaming and looking forward to the stunning colours and collections that will be on display all summer. The trends for this upcoming season are exceptionally exciting to us, they are bringing together an amalgamation of different looks that can cater to anyone’s personal taste, there is something for everyone and we appreciate the value of unique individual style. We have selected our favourite colours and trends that we believe will add impact and flair to easily create completely new ensembles, or work as an addition to collections in your wardrobe that you have been longing to wear.



The colours this season are a combination of the familiar with exciting new twists. Since this season is promoting self-expression, there is a blend of earthy and calming neutrals paired with bright, focal colour combinations. These palettes are pushing boundaries of usual combinations and giving each colour new life through applying them in playful and refreshing ways.



Lark – Our favourite neutral this season - a warm toned khaki with strong versatility that works in a playful setting or when mixed with the right colours, can double as a professional base.


Cinnamon Stick – A surprising treat for summer palettes, a warm and inviting shade adding depth to pairings and outfits.

Classic Blue – A simple and recognizable color, representative of endless possibilities evoking a calm and familiar feeling.

Orange Peel – A bold warm hue, adding playfulness and personality to your wardrobe



This season is providing us with so much room to express our personal taste and style, there are endless possibilities with this season’s looks. These styles are not limited to clothing but are regularly featured on accessories as well! So, whether you prefer to express yourself through accessorizing, or you appreciate a trend but are not ready to fully commit with your clothes, showcasing the look through accessories provides a great balance.

Woven –There are no rules for weaves this season, we are seeing many varying forms, from tightly woven raffia, to loose loops in crochet.  We admire the versatility and have handpicked some of our favourite looks and pieces that showcase the trend.

Colourful Leather – This is such an exciting addition since we often don’t see much leather in warmer seasons. However, when created with these bright and eye-catching colours it is refreshing and flexible to work into any wardrobe.


Bold Florals – Florals appearing during the warmer months is not a new occurrence, however this season they have been given new life in strong and bold prints. Pairing that with the colours of the season, we have a brand-new appreciation for floral.

Summer 2020 is the season for bold style statements and unique expression. We are looking forward to trading in our loungewear looks for warmer weather with fresh fashion.

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