KISMET BY MILKA- 2020 Trunk Show & Piercing Party!

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Jewelry is one of those things that we, at Archives, feel you cannot have enough of. Each addition to a collection carries a different background- from conceptual design to artisanal crafting. We believe it is a true artform, and one of the best and most effective, versatile ways to express personal taste and communicate your vision.

A little bit about the brand…

Milka Karaağaçlı is the creative force that drives Kismet by Milka, who created a brand for all women that carries important themes and values. The brand empowers, thrives on inspiring and being inspired by the lives of likeminded, passionate women. The values and brand imagery is a sense of discovery and wonder, with no limits the brand has created many original collections. Each with a different style and story behind it, every piece is thoughtfully crafted and designed with a unique perspective and different ideal wearers in mind.

Milka discovered her passion 14 years into her developed business career, she believed in herself, bet on herself and her creative nature. Inspired by her grandfather who worked in the jewelry industry, she left the business world behind her and started a brand-new design career.

Kismet’s focus and personal brand style is layering with mix and match pieces. By doing this, it makes the collection more meaningful to each individual who wears the pieces and they can communicate their personal style more effectively.

Bring on the party! We hosted a piercing party to celebrate their collection in our store - Kismet’s earrings are certified by the professional piercing association. We had all our piercings done by Black Line Studio, in Toronto. It was a fabulous event, and we are looking forward to hosting again!

Author: Cashel Confalone


Photography by : Anastasia Brauer 


One of her first collections and Kismet’s most beloved collection is the Victory collection- released around the same time as the “me too” movement happened, the featured imagery of the collection is feathers, blades and arrows. These images represent strength and vigor, for Milka it is representative of her personal victories as a women in business and what she has overcome in her career.


10th EYE-

The follow up collection to Victory is the 10th Eye collection. Kismet by Milka named it so to act as a representation of their 10 year anniversary, featuring one eyelash for every year they have been in business. The evil eye is a long-time symbol of protection and used to ward off and filter out negative energy. This is an important collection to follow up the victory collection – for Milka, it is to protect her past victories. All the images are symbolic, Kismet shows how personal stories can inspire collections and communicate the motivational messages to wearers.

 Photography by : Samuel Oh

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