Unique as you are: pearl designs as the ultimate accessory this valentine’s day

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Happy February – the month of romance, with valentine’s day not far off! Got big plans already? Dinner date? Dancing? Whatever your plans are for the big day, we are here for you with one of the most romantic and stylized gems for your special day: Pearl.

Pearls are considered the “Queen of gems” and one of the oldest and sought-after gems in history. It has maintained popularity throughout centuries, with many different origins and shapes it is a flexible gem that can be worn for any occasion.  Whether you are looking for a date accessory or adding to a gift list, pearls are a stunning and timeless addition to any jewelry collection.

We are featuring some of our amazing designers who incorporate pearls into their collections. Pearls take on a style of their own with each different designer. Whether you prefer more statement pieces or a minimal approach to accessorizing, pearls can add a personalized, unique touch to your style.



ULTIMATE ­FEMININITY: Pearl designs to add a feminine finish

Fernando Jorge - 

Fernando Jorge has a special technique to incorporating pearl into his pieces and designs, he uses pearl in a different form than many other designers. Jorge features pearl in his collections with a focus on the material rather than the traditional shape of a pearl. With a signature gold snake chain, and fluid shapes he creates uniquely delicate, feminine details. Jorge’s pieces are versatile in nature and can be worn more occasionally or day-to-day wear. Originally from brazil, all his materials and gems are from Brazil. His jewelry career began as a manufacturer overseeing the entire process from original design to the physical manifestation, this experience gives Jorge a unique perspective on the overall production of jewelry which translates into quality of work within his collection.


 UNEXPECTED STATEMENT:  Pearls in ways you never thought possible

 Jaleh Farhadpour - 

Jaleh has been designing since 2005, before that she was working as an architect and fashion designer. Her pieces that feature pearl showcase a statement look, proving that pearls can be universal in style. Farhadpour focuses not only on the pairing of gems to complete a piece but on the creativity and art that goes into accessories. Farhadpour appreciates the exclusivity of the one-of-a-kind, which is exactly what pearl details bring to a collection. Each pearl has been hand-picked, there is only one- a perfect way to show someone what they mean to you.


Tasaki is a luxurious treat for stylized and unexpected fine jewelry pieces. From Japan to the world since 1954, Tasaki incorporates a unique view of just how flexible pearls can be styled and worn. The brand not only puts a lot of time and work into the designs but believes it to be just as important to focus on the qualities of each pearl produced. Tasaki Global has a transparent and informative process for how their pearls are initially created in Japan, cultured and then specially selected to reach you! Tasaki highlights just how special and significant every pearl is, chosen by masters of their craft who the take time to evaluate and appreciate each piece.


 UNDERSTATED MINIMALIST: Pearls to stand on their own with subtle flair

Delfina Delettrez - 

Jewelry designer Delfina Delettrez has long been a part of the fashion industry. She grew up under Fendi family where she found her interest in accessories. She was the youngest designer to ever be featured at the Louvre's Musée des Art Decoratifs. Her pieces are conceptual in nature, taking a surreal approach to design. Her most current collection is innovative through minimalist and modern design choices, letting the gems speak for themselves.  Many of her pieces feature pearls and diamond settings, used to complement each other; the luxuriousness of diamonds paired with the elegance and whimsical feel of pearl.


Wishing you all the love this valentine’s day – we hope your day is everything you wanted it to be and more!

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