The fascination of gemstones for Ileana Makri never seized. After studying business administration, Makri went on to pursue her true love: jewelry design. Makri travels often to find inspiration, she believes that appreciating different ways of life and culture is the best way to communicate her vision and produce quality pieces.  

After graduating from Gemological Institute of America, Makri’s passion guided her to her new venture. She opened her first retail store which brought about the attention for her now very successful brand. Once her line launched, the fashion world accepted it wholeheartedly. Makri collaborated with several runway fashion designers for fashion week, she has worked with designers such as The Row and Schwab.

Living between London, Paris, New York, and Athens, it is no wonder her pieces are filled with intricate details that are simultaneously chic yet edgy. The craftsmanship of her pieces focus on the small details and has a very refined look that is perfect for daily wear.