fernando brlliant

  Diamond of the year 

Fernando Jorge is Town & Country’s Jewellery Awards “Diamond of the Year” Winner.
“The Brazilian designer’s Brilliant series features his sensual lines, though not his
signature colours”. His Brilliant collection features diamonds of graduating size delicately
hanging upon frameworks of gold in grids, rays, hoops or straight lines. The shimmering,
dancing effect of each piece naturally and effortlessly illuminates the woman who wears them.




Shade du Jour, 'Tickled Millennial Pink'

When you want your accessory to signal fun, look no further than the colour
Tickled Millennial Pink to reveal that playful energy. Pink not only signifies
optimism but also happiness and self confidence. Adorn yourself in pink
diamonds or throw on a pair of pink shades.  Shop fashion’s shade du jour
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