ARCHIVES collaboration with fine jewellery designer Nada Ghazal for an exclusive Zoom conversation and Q&A.

Nada Ghazal's jewellery brand aims to be emotive, distinctive and timeless. Nada handcrafted her first jewellery pieces in 2003, weaving together 18k gold string with precious stones.

Discussion about her unique approach to inspiration and creativity, and presenting some of her favourite, exclusive pieces.


"The most gratifying reason to being a jeweler, is translating my emotions into timeless jewelry pieces that awaken emotions in others."

Emotional Connection

Nada refers to her collections as jewels with a soul, and a true labor of love. Through her fine jewelry, Nada aspires to emotionally connect with women around the world.


"Our relationship with jewelry is unique – each jewel is a memory realised – a cherished gift, a connection to a time, a person, an experience."
"Each of our gems is handpicked and then handcrafted into timeless jewels that tell universal stories."


Nada Ghazal Workshop