"Swing Key Case" Concrete Matte

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  • High Strength Stainless Steel Concrete Matte Finish
  • Holds 4 Keys & Extra Ring
  • 84 x 33 x 17mm 
  • Made In Japan

All of Claustrum's items feature brand new functions that can be found nowhere else, including one-hand operation and smart motion. In addition to the physical realm, it explores functions in terms of aesthetics, intellect, society, economy, and other fields.
The results are put through a repeated cycle of trial manufacture, experiments and trial use at the Ginza Factory until they can be realized in the simplest fashion possible.
Takeshi Endo (the founder of Claustrum) and his team, accumulates experience in this way, which leads on to them producing new mechanisms, construction methods, and surface processing methods that are truly unique.

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