September Birthstone

The birthstone for the month of September is quite commonly known as Sapphire. But most don’t realize that Sapphires come in a variety of beautiful colours. Lucky you!

The reason why we immediately think about a bright blue sapphire is because the word “Sapphire” is Greek for blue. The vibrant blue gemstone stands for loyalty, trust, and honesty. This is why is it one of the most popular engagement gemstones!

Although the gemstone comes in any colour you can imagine, the most coveted sapphire colour is the rare Padparadscha sapphire which is an orange-pink tone.

The gemstone, regardless of colour, generally stands for wisdom and is very protective to the wearer. It is a great support stone, which provides awareness and stimulates the mind.

Sapphire’s physical healing energy is also known to help heal all parts of the body and soothe insomnia. Emotionally, the gemstone helps lighten depression and uplift mood.

You’ve got one powerful, all-balanced gemstone, September babies. And just in time!


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- Written by Eden Mitelman

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