archives store


ARCHIVES is Toronto's finest luxury fashion concept store, playing host to some
of the world's most exquisite and unique fine jewellery and accessories. 


Behind the company's name inherently lays its story and true purpose.
The word "archives" in French refers to an important meeting of artefacts,
documents, objects and, in this case a personal and important collection of
First opened in 2014, ARCHIVES was created by jewellery designer Jaleh
Farhadpour, who traveled the globe to meet with both established and up-and-
coming jewellery and accessory designers, curating a collection completely
exclusive to her boutique. Among the collections are Jaleh's own best-selling
designs, along with an option to have pieces designed and custom-made at her
in-house atelier. 
ARCHIVES brings together years of knowledge and experience, an eye for fine
detail, and the highest level of customer experience and service.