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The Archives guide for all things accessories - Fall/Winter 2020 Paris Fashion Week 

Our buyers at Archives have been hard at work discovering some of the latest designs and designers to add to our curated selection and bring to you for 2020. We are looking forward to showcasing the fresh collections for Fall/Winter from our beloved designers that are already in store, as well as adding some new designers to the roster.

For Fall/Winter we are seeing that minimalism has moved on to make way for bigger, better designs with more to love. There is an increase in decorative and ornamental pieces in the world of accessories, showing us that less doesn’t always mean more… sometimes more is more. Accessories are evolving, shying away from the traditional and breaking boundaries to bring bold new life to accessorizing. The creativity throughout the shows this year has been groundbreaking, challenging the perspective of what might be typically considered an “accessory”, not only in design but the functionality of the pieces.

When thinking of accessories your options are growing, no longer just an earring or a necklace. With increasing options to decorate the body, it is promoting individuality and creativity like never before and we are so excited to be a part of it - bringing you the best and most exclusive options for this upcoming season


Let us introduce some of the new designers whose showrooms we visited during Fashion Week: 



Collina Strada was created by Hilary Taymour to present and discuss through design social issues happening around the world.  This youthful brand prides itself on acting in a transparent manor and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.

Taymour’s recent season designs explore usages of color with a surrealist design perspective, she is harmonizing the luxuriousness style of crystal with eclectic prints and patterns. Re-inventing classics with surprising and unexpected details.




The new “It” bag brand, created by sisters Giulia and Camilla Venturini. Their classic and original bag shape is inspired by a shopping bag, reminiscent of the sisters’ love for shopping. The smooth leather, box shapes and bright pops of colour are instantly recognizable.

For this season Medea is playing off their traditional look and adding juxtaposing design choices such as their classic bag but with a thick chain, providing two opposing looks of classic and statement to create a unique piece. They are also changing it up with prints, playing on perspective and an imaginative dream like state.



Created by Charlotte Knowles and partner Alexandre Arsenault, their collections promote a deconstructed aesthetic playing on the objectivity of fashion. Creating women’s lines this brand is subverting traditional “feminine” styles and writing their own rules.

Charlotte Knowles is working in the fall/winter season’s warmer colour palette like burnt orange and  brown tones with pops of unexpected neons such as lime green working as an accent. Many of their pieces are incorporating the implication of construction through leather straps and strings creating a special and unexpected aesthetic.



Hailing from Copenhagen, home of Scandinavian simplicity in design and functionality, Heliot Emil incorporates these design values into the brand. The line started by bothers Julius and Victor Juul paying homage to their grandfather. The collections from the brand are known for their androgynous and monochromatic aesthetic.

Their most recent collection embodies the brand and was showcased in an original way, accompanying items in the showroom was motion videos to feature the new collection. The Juul brothers have named it ‘AMORPHOUS SOLID’ exploring visuals and methods of presentations, encouraging viewers to participate and experience the display in full.



Also known as “God Can’t Destroy Streetwear”, an Italian brand created by brothers Giuliano and Giordano Calza. They started the brand in 2015 and from there has been steadily increasing in popularity for their playful and quirky design choices with their pieces, with no sacrifice to known Italian craftsmanship.

Their accessories for this season are fun and extravagant, working in mainly bright reflective metals they are accentuating and emphasizing what a “statement” really means.



Coperni started in 2013, created by Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, named after the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. The brand established itself with a refined but sporty look for many of their pieces. They specialize in wearable and easy styles that work well for the everyday chic and modern women. 

We were loving the simplicity of the bags displayed during our time at Coperni’s showroom. Muted tones paired with a  fluid, circular body compliments their sporty femme aesthetic. A cool girl’s version of a timeless handbag.


Our established and already featured designers are creating some of their best wearable art yet- provocative, thought provoking and imaginative pieces. We are so thankful at Archives and always looking forward to seeing and carrying their newest creations and art pieces.

Here are some highlights from the designers’ newest collections -


We loved the Eera collection, maintaining their bold colours and styles into the fall/winter will cure any possible seasonal dreariness this upcoming cold season. They are mixing it up slightly and adding some more simple designs for the person who appreciates EERA’s look but wanting to emulate something a little more understated.


Marzook always has the ultimate most coveted selection of bags, and we can happily report that this season is no different. They have created an imaginative selection filled with the most luxurious pieces and colours. Marzook has included many different textures and materials this upcoming season creating endless bag possibilities.


Area never disappoints with their creativity and design direction. Their Fall/Winter designs are reinforcing their well-known inclination for incredible statement pieces. Always playful and never predictable, Area is eliminating pre-conceived notions about accessory design and re-inventing the possibilities of body adornment and decorative options.


 There has never been a better selection for a new modern take on simplicity. The fall/winter collection showcased for Panconesi is your new go-to collection for a modern and contemporary take on an everyday look. Working with simple shapes, bringing them new life and purpose to adorn your ear.


As one of our newest collections currently in store we have the updated collection of chain details with limitless possibilities. Martine Ali’s most recent collection is encouraging mixing-and-matching to create the most versatile and individualistic pieces. Allowing for ultimate freedom to express yourself however you please.


With vibrant and unexpected pieces, Alan Crocetti is designing out-of-box with what can be traditionally seen as an accessory and we are here for it. Maintaining his known brand look, working in metals we are loving the newest collection. A mix of rings, earpieces, and innovative accessories for the face, he is continuing his unmistakable edgy and boundary pushing designs.


Marni’s newest collection for Fall/Winter 2020 is maintaining their renowned aesthetic of bold prints and colours, however this season they are moving towards a more vintage and eclectic prints. The accessory collection is redefining classic shapes and incorporating organic movement into their collection.

Get excited for all the new possibilities for accessorizing and keep an eye out for out new items and designers dropping on our website and in store!

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