October Birthstones

Although sometimes cold and gloomy, the month of October brings us every colour in the rainbow. A nice burst of vibrant whimsical magic!

With two birthstones to choose from, October babies have so many options!


One of the strongest and most powerful gems out there. Known for their protective and grounding properties, tourmalines can range from soft subdued tones of pinks and greens to opaque black.

Since ancient times, many believe that tourmalines protect against negative energy, radiation, toxins, and negative thoughts.

Depending on the chemical makeup of the group of minerals, the tourmaline colour ranges.

Many have opted for green tourmalines, rubellite (or red tourmaline) to resemble emeralds and rubies. They have a good hardness to them, making them great crystals to wear day-to-day.

Tourmaline Jewellery




Opals are magnetic to the eye in the way they reflect light. Within one opal, you will be able to see a variety of different colours, resembling sparks, as the light hits the gem at different angles.

Opals are referred to by their main colour or “body colour” which is normally black or white. The most common opals that are universally recognized are the “precious opals” which diffract light and gives a rainbow look to the stone. There are many opals that are considered “common opals” which aren’t as heavily sought after because of their lack of colour display.

Discovered in Australia in 1850, 95% of the world’s supply still comes from Australia.

Wearing the opal gem is considered to be very good luck to those born in October. Although it is a softer gem that can crack under extreme conditions, the extra caution is well worth it for its extreme beauty.


Opal Jewellery


- Written by Eden Mitelman

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