OTTOLINGER - Beauty in destruction

Cosima Gradient and Christa Bösch

OTTOLINGER - a brand focused on experimentation while finding beauty in destruction.

Swiss duo Cosima Gradient and Christa Bösch are the geniuses behind the brand. The two met at Basel School of Design and moved to Berlin, where Ottolinger was created.


The two found similarities in their approach to life and design. Ottolinger became a form of expression for the designers, where experimenting with fabrics and techniques became the signature.

We have recently welcomed the brand into the Archives home with open arms, as it is an extension of what we strive to offer: the new and unexpected.

Regardless of how boundary-pushing Ottolinger is in its experimentation of destroying fabrics and deconstructing materials, the brand never loses sight of its sensibility. All the accessories have a purpose and elevate any outfit. They add an element of surprise and thought.

The typical definition of luxury is tested with each piece and evokes questions as to why luxury has been confined to one look, one specific feel, and spirit for so long.

This season, we challenge you to take luxury to the next level and help us push its boundaries.

- Written by Eden Mitelman

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