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The name says it all. Ambush jewelry has taken the world of experimental jewelry by storm. These pop art inspired designs are made in Japan but are a gift to the world. The Ambush collection brings diverse elements together for one outstanding, elegant experience.

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Japanese Culture

The inspiration is the elegance of Japanese culture and the inclusion of unisex designs for everyone.

Verbal and Yoon have brought their creations to a global audience who can’t get enough. Their dedication to a vision has paid off. They’ve been listed as two of Business of Fashion’s top 500 people influencing the industry for three years running.

Newly Defined Limits

Newly defined limits and stretched boundaries between personality and gender are the hallmarks of this Tokyo-based duo. Everyone can participate in the Ambush revolution.

The Ambush earrings celebrate the intersection where social equality meets craft and elegant style. It began by chance but Ambush has made a niche for itself in influential circles.

The attraction is at least in part due to the idiosyncratic style of the pieces. Each one is uniquely crafted and the influence of collaborators like Louis Vuitton.

First Flagship

The brand has come a long way from its first flagship store which was created in 2016 in Tokyo. Yoon Ambush is a Korean-American. Along with hip-hop megastars and supermodels, her influence has extended into a new mainstream with Verbal’s help.

“Times change, so high fashion has to accept it or get left behind,” she to The Evening Standard.