Elie Top Jewellery· Necklaces & Rings

Elie Top is an innovative and extremely creative jewelry designer. He began his career designing for Yves Saint Laurent and introduced his line in 2005 after working for major fashion houses. Top is best known for his time spent working with Alber Elbaz, the creative director at the time for Lanvin. Top's first released collection was named "Mécaniques Célestes" which really established his niche and eye for design. The line featured round bases with pearl embellishments, reminiscent and signifying the earth.  

Working with mixed metals, his collections focus on celestial mechanics - scientific looking architectural design. His pieces are all part of a magical galaxy, orbiting quite literally, to reveal something precious and brilliant. His pieces are reminiscent of historical figures and design but include avant-garde functional features, they bring about a sense of wonder and enchantment with the intricacy of each design. This juxtaposition between the old and new is what distinguishes and defines Elie Top’s aesthetic.