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Sans-arcidet Paris

Sans-Arcidet is one of the top Parisian brands to centralize their products around the use of “Raffia”. The brand was created by three sisters who grew up in Madagascar, Corinne conceptualizes the designs, and sisters Myriam and Sylvie finalize the products with a Parisian touch.

From their childhood they grew up around the natural world and were inspired to create using natural materials. Raffia is a material that derives from palm leaves, spun to create the fibers used in their products.  The sisters use Raffia from their childhood home in Madagascar which is where they found much of their inspiration, housing their atelier and workshop.

The brand holds social responsibility close to their heart, they are conscious of their economic and environmental footprint. Sans-Arcidet is always researching for the most efficient methods and products that are best for the world without sacrificing style and quality known to their brand.

Sans-Arcident successfully harmonizes the elegant nature and style of Parisian influence with the quality and heritage of Madagascar, creating a luxurious style unique to Sans-Arcidet.