Japanese jewelry brand Tasaki Global specializes in high quality pearls and diamond designs. Since the brands inception in 1954, they have been appreciative and uncompromising of the Japanese values of quality and sustainable offerings.  

They create all their products in house, are meticulous and diligent about pearl growth, sustainability and selection for their designs. Amazing quality is what distinguishes their brand, they have created an optimal cultivation method and environment for pearl growth. Meaning they do not require cutting or polishing as they are graded and selected from extraction.

Tasaki has in house diamantaires who specialize in trading and buying diamonds. They pride themselves on providing only rough, conflict free diamonds to maintain their high-quality standards. They wish to preserve the natural earth and are committed to ethical practices.

When investing in a Tasaki piece, you are not only getting stunning designs but ensuring the highest quality of material and business practices.

Also, discover M/G TASAKI, the jewellery collection. Innovative designs and a fresh approach to the traditional image of pearl jewellery.