Fragile Beauty

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In Japanese culture, the cherry blossom tree symbolizes life’s fragile beauty. It is overwhelmingly beautiful yet ruthfully short.

As the seasons change we wonder how we could have spent months layered under cashmere and wool, gloves and hats, scarves and thermals. It seems like a lifetime ago but so did summer a few months back. 

Here we are, the time speeding by and the cherry blossoms already expiring. 

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It seems like hibernation was a state of being just a few days ago and now the birds are louder, the air is warmer, and the days are brighter. 

A sense of revival overcomes us as mother nature melts the frozen and nurtures the earth. 

Archives Boutique Cherry Blossom

And although we are hoping to fast-forward through mild and feel the heat, we must remind ourselves that maybe forwarding through the less extreme is the most extreme thing we can be doing. 

For the time being, enjoy the rain, the sunny breaks in between, and the unpredictability of it all - as spring, and its blossoms, are nothing but a metaphor of life. 
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- Written by Eden Mitelman
- Photography by Ehjay Estebar

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