March Birthstone

The month of March is when we can spot the first signs of spring starting to show, a representation of a new season and beginnings. Spring is the time for cleansing and to refresh yourself after the long winter months. We are feeling fresh and invigorated with aquamarine for the upcoming year!

Aquamarine is the stone of March, with its direct and implied relation to water, aquamarine is a gentle stone of tranquility and flowing energy.  The word aquamarine is the Latin words for “water” and “of the sea”, it has an ancient and long-standing history relating to the purification implications of water. Many folklore and mythological stories associate this stone with mermaids of the sea, reminding us what a treasure this stone is considered.

Certain semi-precious stones are associated with specific months have an independent energy that is embedded within each stone. Aquamarine is the stone of cleanliness, mindfulness, and evoking a calm disposition. Aquamarine can be used to clear and settle one’s mind, it promotes health and emotional stability. It also has a history of being used as a gift between significant others to harness the purity of the stone and strengthen the emotional, love connections between two people. Keeping the stone close to your body is the most efficient way to harness this energy, which is often why aquamarine is gifted in the form of jewelry.

Pisces and aries are the zodiac signs associated with March and aquamarine. Pisces for the first half of March until the 20th and Aries for the later days until the 31st, transitioning into April. Pisces is a water sign represented by fish and is closely associated with the aquamarine stone as they share their representation through the sea. Pisces are naturally intuitive and emotionally connected, they embody many of the values and energy that is found within aquamarine. On the other side of the spectrum, Aries is a zodiac sign associated with fire and the ram, extremely passionate and driven. Fire being the opposing element to water, aquamarine is associated as a way to quell and provide balance for the fiery temperament and disposition of this sign.

Whether you are looking to wear aquamarine to represent your birth month, or to utilize the energy of the stone, we have selected some of our best pieces that feature aquamarine for your convenience and pleasure:

Nak Armstrong earrings are the new contemporary luxury for the stylish woman, we are carrying two uniquely stunning options of aquamarine pieces from his collection.


The “Pleated Small” earrings are created from recycled gold, and contain: Labradorite in 2.22cts and Aquamarine in 5.36cts suspended in rose gold. They have a sophisticated edge for droplet earrings, adaptable to be worn in both the everyday and occasional settings.  You can wear these earrings in close proximity to your mind this month, helping you keep focus and clear the mind for setting and achieving goals.

 “A Ribbon Runs Through It” earrings are a unique delight in shape and stone settings. This pair includes: white diamond baguette in 3.86 cts, aquamarine in 5.56 cts, andalusite in 0.7cts and labradorite in 3.9cts, set in 18k white gold. These one-of-a-kind earrings are incomparable to other earrings and are the ultimate luxurious statement to add to your collection. Get the utmost effect from these aquamarine earrings and wear them if you need a boost of confidence and clarity at your next outing or event.

One of our designers, Jaleh Farhadpour is renowned and celebrated for her usage and understanding of crystal properties. She creates many unique pieces that feature different crystal energies which simultaneously work together in synergy to complement each other. Our aquamarine selection from her designs is the “A Ray of Light, Fancy Multicolour Cocktail Ring”. An accent piece to be worn on your finger, connecting the energy of the stone to the rest of your body.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your month, Pisces and Aries – and that it brings you much needed warmer weather, a refreshing outlook and accessory collection! Come by anytime and visit ARCHIVES to experience our full selection.

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