August Birthstones

August babies, you have a wide range of choice when it comes to your birthstones!

Originally the birthstone of august was Sardonyx but then Peridot was added and became the primary one. Because August seems to be such a great month, Spinel has been added to give more choice to the August-born.


Being one of the very few gemstones that only comes in one color, this rare glowing green gem forms in the earth’s mantle and is brought to us via volcanoes!

The stone stands for prosperity and good fortune. This is a great gemstone to manifest all that you desire! It increases confidence, promotes clarity, and assertiveness. It is one happy stone!

  "Small Picasso" Mono Earring




Many people mistake spinel for ruby or pink sapphire. The gemstone comes in a variety of colors from blues to deep pinks, greens, and greys.

Since this gemstone is often confused with other gemstones, Spinel is oftentimes unappreciated. Most of the famous rubies in history actually turned out to be spinels.

Depending on the color, the stone can be known to be very protective. It is generally a revitalizing and hopeful stone, bringing joy to the wearer.

August is here and we are very excited to help you find the most perfect gift in celebration of your birth! And guess what? You can pick any color in the rainbow without limitation because of the wide range of birthstones you have been blessed with!

- Written by Eden Mitelman

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