Nak Armstrong’s Spring Collection is Liberating

fine jewellery floral movement new organic spring

Nak Armstrong, a member of the CFDA and one of our most notable designers at Archives, continues to grace us with immaculate designs.

New arrivals are upon us!

Featuring Armstrong’s signature handset suspended earth-tone gemstones in new floral motifs.

This season Armstrong made opals the focal point, with show-stopping large-cut Peruvian opals and suspended Ethiopian opals surrounded with tourmalines, emeralds,  brown zircons, and diamonds. The ethereal glow and mesmerizing globe of colour is the perfect stone to wear day and night, from season to season.

The mosaic style of set stones offers an organic look and feel with comfortable movement.

Besides just being beautiful pieces of art, Nak Armstrong describes his fine jewelry as both innovative and “archetypal” fine jewelry. The modern day woman can appreciate not just the look of a piece but the extensive effort and time, craftsmanship, and conceptualization of these pieces. Wearing a piece that makes you not only look and feel good but makes you proud, is a liberating feeling - one we believe everyone should experience.

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