Why We Love Lola Hats

The bright sun is out to play and that means we’ve got to be very careful. Sun damage is no joke and although we could never complain about the warmth of its rays, we have to remain protected throughout the summer months.

Be smart but make it FASHION. Am I right?

Lola Hats is one of our best-selling designers when it comes to fashionable yet practical hats. Most being completely packable and fuss-free, this summer you won’t have anything tying you down… Besides some of Lola’s gorgeous ribbons!

With a creative upbringing in Paris and her venture out into New York, Holland-Native Lola Ehrlich began her career after struggling as a ballet dancer. She worked as a crafts designer, magazine editor, and textile conservator.


The millinery New York-based label represents Lola’s worldly adventures - inspired by the world and designed for those truly living in it.

Her artisanal creations are all hand-pressed, stretched, steamed, and embroidered on as finishing. The timeless silhouettes paired with always new and elevated playful twists create the most coveted works that not only you need but you’ll feel amazing wearing.

Lola Hats Tools

Every season we sell-out quickly and it is no surprise why.

Each hat is made using either a vintage block or a new block made by Italian artisans in Paris. From start to finish, each hat is created with love, patience, and passion.

Lola Hats Inspiration

Shop our assortment of Lola Hats before they are gone… They are truly that good. Ask around!

- Written by Eden Mitelman


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