Patcharavipa’s contemporary fine jewellery designs are known for an aesthetic audacity and a delicate handling of materiality and texture. Each creation is defined by the sensuality of its volume, a love of surprising contrasts, and a reverence for its artistic inspiration. From our Bangkok studio, Patcharavipa’s master craftsmen preserve the legend of Thai expertise, while a strong dedication to innovation fixes our gaze firmly on the future.

From the trained eye of a gemologist to the meticulous hand of the goldsmith, Patcharavipa pieces can take years to find and assemble, with months devoted to each piece of wearable perfection. Patcharavipa is characterised by its eternal aesthetics: bold, refined and brilliant. Our creations are above all human – spontaneous, unpredictable, flawed, but fearless. We are contemporary, reflective and aware, learning from the past to design for tomorrow. We are creating the timeless and the timely, objects that fuse cultural history with the modern world.