Philip Treacy Hats · Hat Designer

Ireland-native Philip Treacy is an award-winning hat-designer based out of London.

Immediate success came after his time working under Stephen Jones during his studies at the National College of Art and Design. His talents were exposed by Isabella Blow - who asked him to create extravagant hats specifically for her. These works brought about attention from several socialites and designers at the time. Karl Lagerfeld invited him in to the house of Chanel where he spent a decade designing hats for Chanel.

Treacy has designed hats for a plethora of designers, several Royal family members, and of course celebrities. In 2000, Treacy became the first hat designer to be invited to exhibit at the Paris Haute couture shows in 80 years. His hats are iconic, crafted with the highest quality material, for both comfort and style.