"Multi Colour Gem Flower" 18K Gold Necklace

Jaleh Farhadpour

"Multi Colour Gem Flower" 18K Gold Necklace

  • 18K Gold: 106.41 GM
  • White Diamonds: 1.69 CT
  • Green Amethyst: 44.1 CT
  • Purple Amethyst: 27.6 CT
  • Pink Amethyst: 19.02 CT
  • Lemon Quartz: 34.35 CT
  • Rose Quartz: 165.4 CT
  • Made in Canada 

Jaleh Farhadpour originally hails from Iran and worked as an architect and fashion designer before creating her eponymous jewellery line in 2005. She takes inspiration from nature and her nostalgic view of the lost paradise of her native Persia. She often reworks vintage pieces to give them new life, and prefers to work in one-offs versus mass production.

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